GlassecViracon stands out for the quality of its products and services, being one of the most important glass processing companies in the Brazilian market.
Our brand brings the fingerprints of a team of experts committed to what it does. Our employees are technicians who strive to maintain a friendly work environment, where the professional challenge is a stimulus for learning and growth.



Safety, health, quality of life, professional qualification and compliance rules are themes of programs aimed at our employees that we develop regularly, as part of our corporate culture.

Labor Safety

This is a constant concern in our company, which adopts a series of preventive actions to achieve the "goal zero" in accidents at work. In addition to events set forth in legislation, such as Sipat - Internal Week of Prevention of Accidents at Work, we held the 5 Minutes of Security, weekly action in which the industrial sectors meet with those responsible for the area or their managers, to align general safety issues, such as the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We also promote Security Kaizens and periodic training of unsafe acts, hand protection, among other activities.

Health and Quality of Life

We carry out actions every year to promote health and quality of life, with activities to measure blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, BMI calculation, visual acuity, among others.

Continuous Improvement

The technical qualification of our employees never leaves the agenda, since we have a solid commitment with the innovation and technological update to stay in the forefront of the manufacturing of architectural glass. The Lean Manufacturing Training Program is inspired by this premise, with continuous training in continuous improvement aimed at employees in all sectors, with a strong impact on their day-to-day and company results.

Glass School

This technical training initiative for our employees is carried out every year at the basic, intermediate or advanced level, or in update modules. In 2016, the Glass School was awarded the Agruparh Award for Good Practices in People Management in the Training and Development category.


Our trainings in this field is carried out in two fronts: in the formation of new leaders, oriented to the manufacturing sectors, and in the updating of the leadership of administrative and management areas. The activities are promoted both internally and in partnership with external entities, such as the Brazilian Institute of Leaders.


Our program includes training, monitoring, audits and other mechanisms aimed at the effective application of legislation, as well as the compliance of our employees with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the policies by the Apogee Group, of which we are a part. In addition, we have a channel for reporting fraud or other wrongdoing by employees, through an 0800 service, which guarantees the anonymity of the source.


To us, it is important to honor our employees on special occasions, such as the month's birthdays, employees for their time working with us, the newlyweds and those who deliver a baby, as well as events such as International Women's Day, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day, among others.


We offer benefits that value our employees' well-being, as well as for their families, such as family health plan, dental plan, food, meal and child care allowance.


To keep our employees informed about strategic actions, training and events, we periodically update our walls with warnings, goals and other indexes, which are placed in common access places.
We also communicate with e-mail and photo exhibitions, with works of our portfolio in the cafeteria, among other means to maintain an open dialog with the different instances of the organization.
Among these initiatives, we highlight Bom Papo GV (GV Good Chat), a bimonthly newsletter that provides relevant news about programs and events, traces employee profiles, promotes competitions, offers health and safety tips, among other topics of interest.


GlassecViracon has been seeking to expand its presence in the community, conducting professional training courses aimed at residents of the Nazaré Paulista region, where its plant is located. The GV Capacita (GV Enables) Project is divided into modules on Manufacturing Planning and Control, Labor Safety, Logistics, Quality and Lean Manufacturing, among other topics.
Nazaré Paulista is a municipality with almost 18 thousand inhabitants located in the mountain range of the Mantiqueira, 63 kilometers away from the city of São Paulo. Its natural landscapes and Atibainha river dam favor its vocation for ecological tourism and agriculture. It has a Human Development Index considered average (0.678) and a GDP per capita of BRL 17,700.00.